Board of Directors

The River Club Board of Directors is comprised of influential business individuals in the Jacksonville Community.

Executive Committee

  Jason Burnett, The River Club Vice Chairman
Laura V. Edwards, Board Member   R. Travis Storey
Herbert H. Peyton
  Jason Burnett
  Laura V. Edwards
  R. Travis Storey
Founder   Chairman
  Vice Chairman
  Immediate Past Chairman

Board Members

Vickie Cavey, Board Member
  Bruce Chappell, Board Member

Kevin E. Hyde, Immediate Past Chairman
  Donald H. Horner III, Board Member
Vickie Cavey
  Bruce Chappell
  Kevin E. Hyde   Donald H. Horner
Z. Mincek, Board Member
  Fitzhugh Powell, Jr., Board Member

John Thompson, Board Member
  Robert Wood
Z. Mincek

Fitzhugh Powell, Jr.
  John Thompson    Robert Wood
John Thompson
John Thompson
John Thompson
John Thompson
John Thompson